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Circumstances change. There may come a time when you need to modify a child custody agreement. When that happens, contact a qualified attorney for assistance. FAM Legal can assist clients throughout the Atlanta, GA, area. We understand how difficult family law cases can be and so aim to offer our clients compassionate support and reliable assistance. We will use our knowledge of the law to help your case proceed smoothly.

Why Would You Need to Modify a Custody Agreement?

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One of the main reasons a Georgia court may wish to issue a child custody modification is because the child will be negatively affected in their current circumstances. This may be because of allegations of abuse or neglect, because of changing living conditions, or because of other concerns. In addition, modifications may be made if both parents agree to the change or if the child—upon reaching a certain age—requests a change.

At FAM Legal, we understand how to win a custody modification case. We can fight for your rights in court, or assist in a peaceful custody modification, depending on the need. We aim to provide our clients with reliable service and representation from start to finish.

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